FurryOwl, Test made by recruiters for recruiters. How it all started?

As a team of recruitment consultants we have always been working with competencies and skills. Assessing some of them was not easy considering the fact that during interviews you would like to learn as much as possible about the other person. In other words, you do not want to spend the whole meeting focusing on one competence. On the other hand you want your job interview to be done properly – we do. Our intention is to check those skills that are not easy to assess during a standard talk, when you hear mostly declarative answers. Our tests appear to be very useful.


Including tests in our recruitment processes we instantly improve their results without extending interview hours and making process more complicated. However it shortly appears, that finding good quality tests that cover our needs was pretty hard. That did not stop us having proper recruitment tools.


It took a while to find best-in-class psychometrists and statisticians and after deep searches we found Paweł and Michał. Paweł, Phd in Psychology, and Michał, Phd in Mathematics appeared the best team we could dream of to provide us with the proper methodology of creation and validation of competence assessment tools.


Thanks to their in-depth knowledge and a bit of technology we developed the methodology for creating and validating a competence assessment test as well as R language-based validation tool.


You may learn about test development path here. We will explain it in details in the next post.


Together with our software development team we have started working on the FurryOwl platform. Our goal was to make it a cosy and friendly place to test skills and knowledge. This development is constantly in progress.


Our content team keeps looking for the best experts on the market to create new tests and update existing ones. Everything to make the recruitment processes fun and easy.


More about FurryOwl to come!